Confirmed: Six people lose eyes in Turkey protest

Turkish Doctors Association said six people lost eyes as police attempted to disperse the protesting crowds by throwing gas ganisters and using water cannons. Police arrested 1,000 people but this did not prevent the protest from spreading to 90 locations.

The demonstration started peacefully on Friday in Taksim Square against the construction of a shopping centre but police force led to anger from demonstrators who describe Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist government as authoritarian.

However, the Prime Minister said the protesters were extremists running wild, adding that, "Every four years we hold elections and this nation makes its choice. Those who have a problem with government policies can express their opinions within the framework of law and democracy."

Meanwhile, police allowed thousands to enter the main Istanbul Square and removed burnt barriers as the demonstrations continue to spread.

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Doping sample flaws led to VCB clearance – CAS

Doping sample flaws led to VCB clearance – CAS
Jamaican female sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown’s appeal against a ruling handed down by a local panel, was upheld due to possible ‘environmental contamination’ of her urine sample according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Sport’s highest appeal body stated this in a release issued today, where it outline ‘deplorable’ mistakes made by officials of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), in its collection of Campbell-Brown’s first partial sample. According to CAS, the sample could have been contaminated by sweat or water filled with a banned substance. CAS stated that the JAAA, “has persistently failed to comply” with global standards. The two time Olympic 200m champion was found guilty by a tribunal last month into her positive test for the banned diuretic Lasix, but was later cleared to compete, however the IAAF provisionally suspended her, and she then filed an appeal which was then upheld by the CAS.
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2 Men held for eating baby in Pakistan

Pakistani villager Mohammed Arif and his brother have been arrested on suspicion of cannibalism, after the head of a newborn infant was found inside their home. The arrest of Arif comes three years after he was jailed for the same offence. Police were alerted to the area, after neighbours complained of smelling a foul odour in a remote village located in Punjab Province, where the head of the new born infant was later found. Arif confessed to the crime and stated that the infant was cooked and eaten after his brother stole the body from a graveyard according to officers. The accused man and his brother Farman Ali, were both arrested for eating human corpses in the same location back in April 2011 and they served two years in prison. There is currently no specific law against cannibalism in the penal code of Pakistan and in 2011, Arif was charged with desecrating a dead body and public order offences.
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Government-assisted students urged to sit CSEC exams

With only a few weeks to go before the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations are administered, Education Minister, Rev. Ronald Thwaites is urging students receiving Government assistance to ensure that they are present for the exams. He made the appeal during the dissemination session for the School-to-Work Transition Survey at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston on Friday, April 11. The Education Minister lamented that each year as much as 20 per cent of registered students do not show up for the examinations even when Government assistance allows them to take the examinations for free. He noted that while the education sector is allotted at least 30 per cent of the recurrent budget, the resources are scarce and should be utilised efficiently.
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J'cans urged to continue to conserve and store water

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is urging citizens to continue to conserve water, despite expectations that the drought period the country is now experiencing, may end in coming months. In a release, Acting Director General of the ODPEM Richard Thompson says that although projections from the Meteorological Service indicate that there will be higher than expected levels of rainfall for the coming months, it is important that citizens maintain vigilance in their conservation activities.
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85% mastery in literacy by 2015 – Education minister

Jamaica is expected to achieve the target of 85 per cent mastery in literacy among Grade Four students by 2015. This was disclosed by Minister of Education Rev. Ronald Thwaites at the Western Union Teachers’ Workshop, held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Friday, April 11. Thwaites explained that this forecast is based on the trends from the Grade Four Literacy Test results, which last year showed girls within reach of the target. He noted that the Ministry has also introduced strategies aimed at improving the teaching of literacy skills to boys. He added that the recent appointment of a gender specialist will assist in achieving this goal, as well as ensuring that pockets of weaknesses among girls are not overlooked. In addition, Rev. Thwaites noted that the real advantage of students attaining mastery of literacy at Grade Four is that it has a cascading effect further along the education system.
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Shooting incident near Oxford Street

A shooting incident took place at the intersection of Oxford Street and North Street in downtown Kingston earlier today. Reports are that one person was injured in the incident. If you are in the area or have further details post.
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South Korean gamer arrested after son starves to death

South Korean police said Tuesday they had arrested a man for apparently allowing his infant son to starve to death while spending days playing online games at Internet cafes. The 22-year-old known as Chung was arrested Monday after the badly decomposed body of the two-year-old was found in a trash bag near the southeastern city of Daegu, city police said. The case received extensive media coverage, with TV stations airing CCTV footage of Chung in the elevator of his apartment block, nonchalantly checking his hair in the mirror with one hand while holding a trash bag allegedly containing his dead son in the other. In late February, Chung's wife started working in a factory far from the city -- leaving her unemployed husband, who police said had a criminal record, to care for their child, but he spent most of his time in Internet cafes, visiting home every two or three days to feed the boy. Police said Chung found the baby dead on March 7 and left the body at home for more than a month, before finally dumping it in a garden a mile away. Police said he initially reported the baby missing, but later confessed to disposing of the body.
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Suspect held after three houses gutted by fire in Denham Town

Three houses located along Race Course Lane in the Denham Town area, Kingston, were destroyed by fire last night. Reports are that one male suspect has been held in connection with the blaze. The man is accused of setting one house on fire before he left the scene, and he was picked by members of the Denham Town Police for questioning. No casualties were reported, and the estimated loss in the blaze is unknown.
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Shooting incident in Downtown Kingston

An alleged robber was shot and wounded by an off-duty police officer this afternoon, near Parade in Downtown Kingston. Reports are that the accused man held up the Officer and stabbed him, before the Officer opened fire hitting him. The status of the alleged robber is unknown. A large police/military presence is now in the area. If you are in the area post what you see and hear.
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Buenos Aires governor declares 12 month State of emergency

The governor of Argentina's largest, most populated province, Buenos Aires declared a 12-month state of emergency following an outbreak of lynching by furious citizens who claim to feel defenseless and 'overwhelmed' by crime.
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Jamaica on track to satisfy irish potato needs

Jamaica is on target to be self sufficient in the production of table Irish potato by 2015 accroding to Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Roger Clarke. This disclosure was made in a speech read by Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Lenworth Fulton, at the launch of National Farmers’ Month at the Jamaica Agricultural Society’s (JAS), downtown Kingston offices on April 2. Clarke noted that Jamaica now satisfies 80 per cent of the local demand for table Irish potato. In 2012, the local market demand for table potato reached 16.8 million kilograms, up from 15.4 million kilograms in 2011. He said also that farmers have contributed to increased production in yams and sweet potatoes, while noting that the country is also self-sufficient in pork and poultry.
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Yallahs/Hope River watershed management project to receive $12.4 million

Efforts to shore up the country’s integrated management of the Yallahs/Hope River watershed management area have been bolstered with the injection of $12.4 million. The undertaking, being implemented by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), aims to reduce the pressure on natural resources in the Yallahs River and Hope River Watershed of the Blue Mountains, by increasing the practice of Sustainable Land Management (SLM). This is expected to yield improved management of biological diversity and enhanced flow of ecosystem services that sustain the livelihood of local residents.
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Pakistani girl's face greets US drone operators

Pakistani girl's face greets US drone operators
In a field in Pakistan, an international group of artists has installed a huge portrait of a girl's face to remind US drone operators 'who's really living down there,Yahoo reports. Locals helped unroll the 90'x60' poster two weeks ago in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of northwest Pakistan, where drone strikes are reportedly common. The installation, called #NotaBugSplat, was inspired by drone operators' term for kills—"bug splats," says the project's website. "A grainy video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed," but now operators will see "an innocent child victim’s face," the site says. The child went unnamed but apparently lost both parents and two young siblings in a drone strike. "We don't know if [the image] is still there or not," said a project rep, after villagers were encouraged to use the fabric for practical purposes like roofing. But it's getting attention now, after some 900 civilians may have been killed in 330 drone strikes over the past 10 years, according to Amnesty International (journalists have estimated the death toll at up to 3,646, reports). What's more, the collective that created the image—made up of artists from Pakistan, France, and the US—considers itself at risk in Pakistan and refused to divulge their names. "This area is pretty dangerous," the project rep said.
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Motor Vehicle crash along Mount Rosser

An Isuzu truck overturned along a section of the Mount Rosser main road in St. Catherine today. Details on what led to the crash which has caused major traffic delays along the thoroughfare are unclear. There were no immediate reports of casualties. The truck which was laden with goods, was looted by several persons. If you have further details post.
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Jamaica Mad to Raas!

Image courtesy of
When did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.
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Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”

Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”
"(Jamaican) professionals felt they had no future"
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Controversy in London

The 30th Olympiad is very much underway and of course with big Games come big controversies. I have highlighted just a few of the notables below.
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9.63s - Asafa's Pain

  9.63s was the time that flashed on the clock inside the stadium in London. Less than 10s after the starter fired the gun, the Men’s
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Will Usain's 'Mobot' Pose After Winning the 4x100m Relay At The London 2012 Olympics Cost Him?

Trademarking a Pose, Can you? - Image and Branding The famous Mobot Pose - In honour of Mo Farah One of the biggest issues in the world
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J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?

J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?
A Cabinet Minister racked up an over JA$3 million cellular phone bill with taxpayers having to pony up the cash soon. The massive bill was
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"24 Things I wished I knew before getting pregnant"

So, I’m browsing the internet minding my own business when I stumbled upon new research which shows that women lose 90% of their eggs at
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