Confirmed: Girls burn to death in Clarendon

Two sisters aged ten and seven were burned to death in a fire at a house located in Mount Hymus, Pennant, Clarendon last night.

Firefighters from the Chapelton Fire Department, were summoned to the scene as residents could only save the sister's four-year-old brother from the blaze which began sometime after 8 pm.

The charred remains of 7-year-old Bianca McKenzie and 10-year-old Junelle McKenzie were later recovered by the police.

A search has now been launched for the whereabouts of the children's mother who reportedly fled the scene.

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Janet Evans 29/03/2013 20:13:06
that so sad......may their soul rest in peace.
Reid Rudolph 29/03/2013 19:04:51
Am i reading right , did it say (MOTHER) then what next,,
Richard Lawrence 29/03/2013 18:34:58
When you hear about these incidents you often wonder, but when you find out that its your relatives.
Heston Boothe 29/03/2013 17:18:11
The name of the place is Mount Hindmost!!!
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Illegal firearms, ammunition seized in St. James

Six illegal guns and 64 rounds of ammunition was seized in a section of Rosemount, St. James this morning by the Police. According to the
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CAPI launches Mario Deane challenge

CAPI launches Mario Deane challenge
Local lobby group Citizens' Action For Principle and Integrity has launched the Mario Deane J$1,000 challenge, which calls on persons to contribute a JA$1000 in aid of the family to lay to rest their son with the dignity he deserves. Mario Deane, a 31 year old construction worker who was fatally beaten in custody after arrested for a ganja spliff, will be buried on Sunday, September 21 at the Mount Salem SDA church in St. James. Recently, the family, with the approval of their attorney, Miguel Lorne, refused the government’s offer to assist in their son’s burial. The initiative by CAPI has received the family's blessings. A copy of the complete press release can be viewed below.
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Moscow calls on US to release members of Cuban 5

Russia has urged US officials to release the remaining Cuban five members from custody and has supported international efforts calling for their release. Russia's Foreign Minister Aleksandr Lukashevich described the detention of the Cuban five as an American double standard in the field of human rights and tackling terrorism. The Cuban five are five Cuban intelligence workers accused of working undercover in Florida to prevent planned terrorist attacks against Havana by persons opposed to Fidel Castro located in the US. Two of the members were released, but three remain in hospital after they received life sentences.
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St. Catherine businesswoman hospitalised after being shot 7 times

A 44-year-old Woman was hospitalised on Friday after a gun attack at her business establishment along the Old Harbour Bay main road. Reports are that explosions were heard coming from a wall located near her shop, and during a search the Woman was found suffering from gunshot wounds. The Woman who had been reportedly shot seven times, was rushed to hospital, where she has been hospitalised. Police are investigating the incident.
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Jailed mechanic escapes police custody in St. James

21-year-old mechanic Fahdeen Ferguson who was jailed for house breaking and burglary escaped police custody in St. James yesterday. Reports at that around 8:45 am, Ferguson was being transferred from the Barnett Street lockup to take part in a video identification parade. Further reports are that while he was waiting in the holding area, to be transported back to his jail cell at the Barnett Street lockup, he allegedly escthrough an unlocked window. Ferguson was last seen wearing a white merina, and a pink shorts.
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Beet army worm infestation down to less than 5% in St. Elizabeth

The Agriculture Ministry is reporting that the Beet Army Worm which plagued sections of St. Elizabeth is now down to 5 percent. Michelle Sherwood the acting Acting Deputy Director of the Crop and Plant Protection Unit in the Agriculture Ministry's Research and Development Division, stated that the decline in the infestation was achieved from extensive field work conducted by the Ministry in collaboration wih the farmers and other stakeholders in St. Elizabeth.She added that while the Beet Army Worm is still present in the parish, it is seen in very low numbers.
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Body removed from sea in St. Ann

The body of 42-year-old Michael Fagan a resident of a Clarendon address was removed from the sea near the Cardiff Hall Beach in Runawaway Bay, St. Ann. Fagan was reportedly seen jogging along the beach at 4 am this morning, and he subsequently went for a swim. He was later found from the water a few hours later.
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American visitor reported missing in Trelawny

27-year-old Bonny Hardware a resident of Hartford, Connecticut, and Princess Street in Falmouth, Trelawny has been reported missing since September 10, 2014. The American citizen is Causian, Slim-build, and about 5 ft tall. She also has a blue-bird tatoo on her back. According to Police, the 27-year-old American was last seen at home around 7:30 pm, and was dressed in a blue sleeveless blouse, and gray sweat pants. All efforts to contact her have proven futile. Person have information, are being asked to contact the Falmouth Police, 119 emergency number or the nearest Police Station.
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Jamaica Mad to Raas!

Image courtesy of
When did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.
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Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”

Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”
"(Jamaican) professionals felt they had no future"
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Controversy in London

The 30th Olympiad is very much underway and of course with big Games come big controversies. I have highlighted just a few of the notables below.
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9.63s - Asafa's Pain

  9.63s was the time that flashed on the clock inside the stadium in London. Less than 10s after the starter fired the gun, the Men’s
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Will Usain's 'Mobot' Pose After Winning the 4x100m Relay At The London 2012 Olympics Cost Him?

Trademarking a Pose, Can you? - Image and Branding The famous Mobot Pose - In honour of Mo Farah One of the biggest issues in the world
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J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?

J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?
A Cabinet Minister racked up an over JA$3 million cellular phone bill with taxpayers having to pony up the cash soon. The massive bill was
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"24 Things I wished I knew before getting pregnant"

So, I’m browsing the internet minding my own business when I stumbled upon new research which shows that women lose 90% of their eggs at
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