Confirmed: 2 Ohio High School football players found guilty of rape

Two teenage High School football players have been found guilty for the rape of a drunken 16-year-old girl in Ohio.

The accused 17-year-old Trent Mays handed a minimum of 2-years in a detention center and 16-year-old Ma'Lik Richmond was sentenced to a minimum of 1-year in a detention center.

Both shed tears after the verdict was read out in court today. Mays and Richmond are accused of taking the drunken 16-year-old from a party and raping her in the back of a car, then took her to another location where they continued their assault.

A video footage of the assault was uploaded to social media sites which outraged many persons.

The rape case has divided the Steubenville, Ohio community with police officers being accused of a cover up to protect the football players.

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New Mayor of Lucea to be appointed

Wynter McIntosh the Councillor of the Chestercastle Division is slated to be appointed as the new Mayor of Lucea in Hanover today. The appointment of a new chairman of the Lucea Parish Council, follows the resignation of Shernette Haughton, Councillor for the Green Island Division.
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Surgeries at Spanish Town hospital halted over broken A/C unit

Surgeries at the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine, have been halted due to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit located in its operating theater. The a/c unit has been down for a week, and Doctors have reportedly stopped conducting all surgeries today. If you have further details post.
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Fire leaves millions in damage at Manchester-based Bible College

Fire of unknown origin at the Assemblies of God Bible College in Christiana, Manchester has left millions in damage at the location. Fire was seen at a section of the institution sometime after 6 pm, and the Fire Brigade was alerted. Fire reportedly swept through close to 20 apartments and the administrative block. The estimated cost of damage from the blaze is around $25 million.
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103-yr-old sprinter throws down challenge to Bolt

103-yr-old sprinter throws down challenge to Bolt
103-year-old Hidekichi Miyazaki, the world’s fastest centurion, has thrown down a challenge to the world’s fastest sprinter Usain Bolt. The Japanese national holds the record for the fastest 100m world record for centenarians at 29.83s. Dubbed ‘Golden Bolt’, Miyazaki stated that he would love to compete against Bolt, in an interview with AFP News, and stated that he would keep his dream alive for another five years, to race the Jamaican.
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Stabbing incident in H-W-T

A stabbing incident took place in a section of Half-Way-Tree, St. Andrew yesterday evening. Two bus conductors reportedly were involved in a heated exchange and both men drew knives. Both men received stab wounds, and one of the men died. If you have further details post.
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‘Beware of impersonators’ - JDF

The Jamaica Defence Force is advising the public to beware of persons soliciting money in exchange for recruitment into the army. IN a release, the JDF stated that members of the public should be on the lookout for unscrupulous persons who are impersonating JDF soldiers and soliciting money in exchange for recruiting opportunities in the force. The JDF stated that it does not accept money from anyone as part of its recruitment drive and persons are therefore advised not to pay over funds to anyone claiming they can influence the selection of new recruits.
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WHO warns Ebola cases could surpass 20,000

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is estimating that current number of Ebola virus cases could climb above 20,000. In a release, the organisation stated that the “actual number of cases may be 2-4 fold higher than that currently reported" in some areas, the BBC reports. An official of the World Health Organisation (WHO), told journalists that the estimate is a scale that was not anticipated for the Ebola outbreak.
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Nigeria confirms two new cases of Ebola

Officials in Nigeria have confirmed that there are two new cases of the deadly Ebola virus in the country. According to the Nigerian health minister, the two victims contracted the virus from persons who were primary contacts of the Liberian man who first carried the virus to nation’s capital. The latest case brings the total number of recorded cases in Nigeria to 14.
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CAPI questions why Seniors received largest JUTC fare hike

Civil lobby group Citizens’ Action For Principles And Integrity (CAPI), is describing the bus fare increase as untimely and another obstacle in the path of the already burdened consumer in their efforts to cope economically. “We find it alarming that the elderly (senior citizens), the most vulnerable of the group, was singled out for the largest increase of 200% and question the rationale. While there is no right time for an increase in any costs, however, at this time, when consumers are faced with almost fixed incomes and increasingly contracting disposable income caused by devaluation, we regard the increase as economically inopportune and imprudent as it will drive inflation which has implications for the exchange rate and the country’s growth prospects” said co-convenor of CAPI Dennis Meadows. A copy of the press release can be viewed below.
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Ananda Alert activated for 15-yr-old Westmoreland girl

15-year-old Veneita Wilson, of Smithfield, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, has been missing since Tuesday, July 15. She is of brown complexion, slim build and is about 135 centimetres (4 feet 5 inches) tall. She has a scar above her right eye. Contact the Savanna-la-Mar Police at 955-3562, Police 119 or Hear the Children’s Cry 929-0431, 294-8123, 822-0483, 294-8124, 294-8125. No photograph of Veneita Wilson was available.
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Bahamas officials fear escaped Haitian prisoners among detained migrants

Officials in the Bahamas are expressing concerns that some of the Haitian immigrants picked up between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at sea, might have been a part of the group of criminals who escaped from prison in the French speaking nation. Following the prison break near Port-au-Prince in which 329 inmates escaped, warnings were issued that the escapees could be headed to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The Bahamas Tribune reported that a Royal Bahamas Defence Force official stated that they had “no confirmation” that some migrants might have been among the prison escapees. However the official expressed the concerns were there, and it is something they are mindful of.
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OUR obtains over $63M in compensation for consumers

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is reporting that it obtained $63,617,371.55 in compensation from the National Water Commission (NWC), Jamaica Public Service (JPS), LIME and Digicel, for utilities consumers over the last financial year ending March 2014. According to the OUR, this is more than three times the compensation of $21 million secured by the OUR for consumers over the previous year. The customers who benefitted had filed appeals with the OUR after being dissatisfied with how the utility service providers addressed their complaints. The amounts secured by the OUR on customers’ behalf resulted from the reversal of previously billed charges or relevant credits being applied to their accounts. A copy of the press release can be viewed below.
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Ananda Alert issued for Thompson Pen, St. Catherine girl

17-year-old Chanara Richards of Thompson Pen, St. Catherine, has been missing since Wednesday, August 20. She is of brown complexion, slim build and is about 163 centimetres (5 feet 4 inches) tall.Contact the Spanish Town Police at 984-2305, Police 119 or Hear the Children’s Cry 929-0431, 294-8123, 822-0483, 294-8124, 294-8125. No photograph of Chanara Richards was available.
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Man held after St. Ann toddler’s throat slashed facing charges

A man said to be of unsound man who is accused of slashing the throat of 2-month-old boy in St. Ann is facing charges after he was held. The child has been identified as Jaheem Cooper. Sometime after 5 pm yesterday, the man reportedly was involved with another resident, and he reportedly used a knife to slash his throat. The accused is said to have been chased down, and he ran into a yard, picked up one of two children, and reportedly slashed his throat. He was then chased by relatives of the boy who managed to capture him, and he was then tied to a chair. Police managed to rescue the man, as residents sought to inflict jungle justice on him.
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Jamaica Mad to Raas!

Image courtesy of
When did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.
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Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”

Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”
"(Jamaican) professionals felt they had no future"
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Controversy in London

The 30th Olympiad is very much underway and of course with big Games come big controversies. I have highlighted just a few of the notables below.
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9.63s - Asafa's Pain

  9.63s was the time that flashed on the clock inside the stadium in London. Less than 10s after the starter fired the gun, the Men’s
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Will Usain's 'Mobot' Pose After Winning the 4x100m Relay At The London 2012 Olympics Cost Him?

Trademarking a Pose, Can you? - Image and Branding The famous Mobot Pose - In honour of Mo Farah One of the biggest issues in the world
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J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?

J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?
A Cabinet Minister racked up an over JA$3 million cellular phone bill with taxpayers having to pony up the cash soon. The massive bill was
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"24 Things I wished I knew before getting pregnant"

So, I’m browsing the internet minding my own business when I stumbled upon new research which shows that women lose 90% of their eggs at
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