Confirmed: Seiveright replaced as aide to Holness

Delano Seiveright has been replaced by Marlon Morgan as aide to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness.

Meanwhile former National Security Minister Dwight Nelson has replaced Arthur Williams and will take over the duties of providing information for the Opposition Party.

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Phillip Cole 07/02/2013 16:04:56
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! DWL!
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$727 million allocated to provide more classrooms

A total of $727 million has been allocated to support the provision of additional classroom places in infant, primary and secondary schools across the island. This was revealed by Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. the Hon. Peter Phillips, who also said an additional $119.3 billion has been provided to improve sanitation in schools. ​He was speaking during the opening of the Budget Debate in the House of Representatives on April 17. ​In the meantime, Minister Phillips informed that spending on social programmes continues to receive priority treatment in the budget, with a total allocation of $22.563 billion. This, he said, was in keeping with Government’s commitment to protect the most vulnerable.
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Australia investigating ‘unidentified material’ washed ashore as MH370 search continues

The Australian agency coordinating the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has said unidentified material has washed ashore in Western Australia. Experts are investigating whether it is related to the missing plane, the Voice of America radio reported. The Joint Agency Coordination Center said photographs of the material are being examined “to determine whether further physical analysis is required and if there is any relevance to the search of missing flight MH370.”
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1 person shot dead during fresh violent protests in Rio

One person was shot dead as violent protests erupted Tuesday near Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach after a 25-year-old dancer was killed allegedly by police, AFP said. Angry demonstrators from a slum set ablaze barricades of tires, forcing two main roads closed as they hurled bottles to protest the death of the dancer, who was reportedly killed after police mistook him for a drug trafficker. A 27-year-old man described as mentally disabled was killed after being shot in the head during the protests, city hall officials said. It was not immediately clear who fired the shot. The protests came two months before the World Cup in Brazil.
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JA dollar closes at J$109.94 to US$1

The Jamaican continued to strengthen against the US dollar in trading against the US dollar. The American dollar slipped by $0.01 to end trading at J$109.94 to US$1. In further trading the Canadian dollar gained $0.36 to finish at J$99.68 to CAN$1, and the British pound weakened by $1.85 to close at J$184.45 to £1.
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Petroleum prices go down in Jamaica

Petroleum prices go down in Jamaica
Some petroleum products supplied by Petrojam have seen a decrease in prices as of April 24, 2013. A litre of E10-90 gasoline will be sold for $127.16 while E10-87 will be sold for $125.51 following a $0.25 decrease. Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will cost $132.67 and regular Diesel will jump by $0.43 to cost $127.42. The price of Kerosene climbs by $0.80 and will see it being sold for $128.60 per litre. Butane sees a $0.15 jump to cost $59.68, while Propane increases by $0.05 to cost $55.26. Retailers will add their own markups, to the prices quoted.
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Jamaica outperforms US in access to information

Jamaica is being commended by the United States-based Social Progress Imperative for significant achievement in the area of Access to Information and Communication. In its recent publication, Jamaica outperformed the United States with a score of 82.07 per cent in the category. The United States scored 81.33 per cent. Social Progress Imperative also lauded the country’s performance in three basic areas of human well-being on the entity’s Social Progress Index (SPI) – Basic Human Needs; Foundations of Wellbeing; and Opportunity – which saw the island recording a cumulative 70.39 per cent score. A breakdown of the data provided by the SPI shows that Jamaica recorded a score of 76.34 per cent in the areas of foundations of wellbeing; 69.23 per cent for basic human needs; and 65.6 per cent for opportunity. The Social Progress Index offers a framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress, benchmarking success, and catalysing human wellbeing. The Social Progress Imperative, which includes the Social Progress Network (SPN) and Index, was incorporated as a non-profit organisation in the US in 2012. This year’s publication of the SPI marks the second occasion on which this activity is being undertaken.
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Youth Information Centre to be built in Hanover

The Ministry of Youth and Culture, on Wednesday, April 23, signed a contract valued at approximately $40 million, for the construction of a Youth Information Centre (YIC) in Hanover. When completed, the centre, to be located at Watson Taylor Park in Lucea, will be the 11th built across the island to provide a space where young people can go to access information on issues affecting them, use the computers, complete their assignments, get training, or just to ‘hang out’ and be comfortable with their peers. It will have office spaces, a cyber café, resource area, meeting rooms, a multi-purpose room, a stage for the performing arts, and an all-purpose court, among other amenities. The complex will be built by D.R. Foote Construction Company Limited, with the National Works Agency (NWA) managing the project. Addressing the signing ceremony at the Ministry, in Kingston, Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, thanked the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for providing the funds committed to the project.
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Jamaica dollar ends at J$109.96 to US$1

The Jamaican dollar climbed to another new high at the close of trading on the foreign exchange market against the US dollar. The American dollar gained $0.10 to close at J$109..96 to US$1. In other trading, the Canadian dollar slipped by $1.04 to finish at an average selling rate of J$99.83 to CAN$1, while the British pound gained $0.21 and ended at an average of J$184.59 to £1. On the markets the American dollar sold for a high of J$114.28 and a low of J$89.17.
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Finance Minister opens Budget Debate

Finance and Planning Minister Dr. Peter Phillips this afternoon opened the 2014-2015 Budget Debate in the House of Parliament today. The Minister who thanked members of his family, the Cabinet and also his team including Central Bank Governor Bryan Wynter, gave a summary of the events which took place in the last Financial year. Dr. Phillips also expounded on the reason for the current design of an Economic Reform Programme which is expected to give Jamaica growth.
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Gunman shot dead by St. Elizabeth woman

A businesswoman allegedly shot and killed an armed man who attempted to rob her in a section of Nain, St. Elizabeth yesterday. Reports are that, the woman was about to close her business establishment when the lone gunman pounced on her. A struggle then ensued and she managed to disarm the accused robber. It is reported that she then shot him up to 15 times. The man died on the spot.
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Man handed life sentence for severing girlfriend's head

Aras Hussein a pizza delivery in Sheffield, England has been found guilty by a court for severing the head of his girlfriend 18-year-old student Reema Ramzan. Reports are that Hussein used a kitchen knife to decapitate Ramzan's head at his flat. Hussein pleaded not guilty to the act and stated the was defending himself, however a jury found him guilty of murder. The 21-year-old pizza delivery man was sentenced to life in prison at Sheffield Crown Court, and he will serve a minimum of 20 years before he is eligible for parole.
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Powerful earthquake strikes Mexico

A preliminary magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Mexico this morning, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The quake which struck Guerrero had a depth of 32.2 miles. There have been no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
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$16M contract signed for construction of stalls at Black River Market

A contract valued at approximately $16.76 million has been signed for the construction of 170 stalls at the Black River Market located in St. Elizabeth. According to the JIS, the project forms part of the Government's major redevelopment programme for markets across Jamaica. The project at the Black River Market is being financed by an allocation of $25 million from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), for the second phase of construction at the location.
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PM Simpson-Miller officially opens Marlie Hill Basic School

PM Simpson-Miller officially opens Marlie Hill Basic School
On April 15, 2014, Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller officially opened the Marlie Hill Basic School in St. Catherine. The school constructed on the of the Primary School she attended was done at a cost of $24 million through the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports, and Education (CHASE) Fund.
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Jamaica Mad to Raas!

Image courtesy of
When did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.
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Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”

Successful Asian Leader says former Jamaican PM – “Ruinous”
"(Jamaican) professionals felt they had no future"
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Controversy in London

The 30th Olympiad is very much underway and of course with big Games come big controversies. I have highlighted just a few of the notables below.
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9.63s - Asafa's Pain

  9.63s was the time that flashed on the clock inside the stadium in London. Less than 10s after the starter fired the gun, the Men’s
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Will Usain's 'Mobot' Pose After Winning the 4x100m Relay At The London 2012 Olympics Cost Him?

Trademarking a Pose, Can you? - Image and Branding The famous Mobot Pose - In honour of Mo Farah One of the biggest issues in the world
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J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?

J$3 Million Phone Bill for Government Minister ?
A Cabinet Minister racked up an over JA$3 million cellular phone bill with taxpayers having to pony up the cash soon. The massive bill was
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"24 Things I wished I knew before getting pregnant"

So, I’m browsing the internet minding my own business when I stumbled upon new research which shows that women lose 90% of their eggs at
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